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Moms Celebrate Blue Manor Academy!

This is the best preschool curriculum I've seen out there! It is very professional, organized, and easy to teach and learn from. We started using it with my son when he was under 2 years old, and he LOVES it! He asks to do "school" every day and has so much FUN learning. He never stops surprising my husband and I with how much he remembers.

It is great how you can start teaching the more basic components of the curriculum to a child so young. The best part is that it is faith-based and teaches from a Biblical worldview. Definitely recommends this curriculum to anyone with preschool-aged children!!!

— Amy C.

Very fun read!! Beautiful pictures! My son's favorite story was Kip's Hunt. He loved the wolf with the glowing yellow eyes!

— Lisa Griffin

We started homeschooling last year for preschool, and couldn't quite figure out exactly what we wanted to do. So, this year for kindergarten we were blessed to find Blue Manor ebooks, and it has been so wonderful for us. The kids are absolutely loving it!

— Kathryn Elliot

This is another book that my son loves. I think you guys need to keep writing these because Humble Before a Tumble and this book really impart the lesson of humility in such a clear and entertaining way. My son loves the illustrations. We love your books!

— Katrina N.

My family and I went to the homeschool convention in Nampa. I was able to meet you and your wife and go to your class. I really enjoyed it! I also bought your phonics book and the other books that came in the two other beginning reader books.

On our way home from the convention I started reading the books to my children and they were glued! They were laughing and love them! When we came home my seven-year-old daughter who has never been able to pick up a book and read it cheerfully by herself just picked up the book and started reading every page. She loves it! She read all six stories in the beginner book. She's read them all now three or four times. She calls her grandma and had her come over so she could read to her. She loves to read now and wants to get better and better.

— Jessica S.

Principles of An Elite Education

Inspired Learning

Everyone wants to make learning fun. We do too, but we go a step further. We want to inspire children! That is why, in addition to silly characters, we have inspiring characters – characters children will look up to and want to emulate.

Character Development

Your children's future will more likely be determined by the quality of their character than by their test scores. That is why, at Blue Manor, "character is king," and a large part of our curriculum is devoted to developing it. Not only do we weave character lessons into subjects like history, literature and Bible, but at Blue Manor Academy, character has its own subject category.

Mastery Testing

Blue Manor uses "Mastery Testing." Children may take tests as many times as they need, but all tests require 100% mastery. This is essential for the academic and psychological wellbeing of children. Education is cumulative, so allowing children to pass tests with only 60% comprehension is setting them up for continuous failure in the future.

And labeling students "A, B, C, D or F" is telling them who they are, not where they are. At Blue Manor, all children are MASTERS; the only distinction is their level.

The Essential

A lot of parents wonder how we are able to teach so much, so quickly. We tell them "We teach more by teaching less." Confused? Let me explain. We spent years stripping traditional subjects of useless, non-essential details.

How the Pilgrims dressed, the ships they sailed on, the houses they lived in, are "fun facts". But, the real reason the Pilgrims are historical figures is because of the Mayflower Compact and their quest for religious freedom.

There is more to know than can ever be known. By limiting our lessons to the essential content, we are able to teach more, in less time. 

Modern Technology, Classical Education

Although Blue Manor has published several popular print books, we understand that the future of education is digital. Audio, video, auto-testing, games and affordability are just some of the advantages of eLearning.

However, that doesn't mean that our values have changed. Blue Manor Academy will continue to promote classical education.


Word Anchors

Language is the foundation of academic learning, and vocabulary is the foundation of language. That is why Blue Manor Academy places a tremendous emphasis on vocabulary building. Our books focus on practical words, starting with lists of animals, places and transportation, and then progressing into more focused and detailed lists as the levels advance. Not only does this make children great conversationalists, but it helps them self-educate. 

Each new word serves as an anchor that additional facts and information are easily attached to. Surely you have experienced this: you learned a new word and then you heard it all the time. People weren’t using it any more than before, but before you knew what the word meant, it was meaningless, and simply went in one ear and out the other. But now that you know the word, you recognize it and your ears perk up when you hear it, and even more importantly, it becomes a foundation on which to lay more information on the topic.

Most Affordable

Your children deserve the best education money can buy – thankfully, the best has never been so affordable. Save your money for field trips because you have FREE access to Blue Manor's library, and even a Blue Star Membership is only $6.99 an month!


Provide an elite education at a price every parent can afford.

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